Vegeta is my life. ♥

I am an Aussie Girl who loves Hiei & Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho [no.. not the pairing ;-;], Vegeta, Trunks, Vegebul, Raditz, Bardock, The Walking Dead & Norman Reedus. ;)

I love Fanfiction a quadrillion as well, though I've never written any of my own.

OTP: Vegebul (oh really)
YYH OTP: Botan/Hiei/sometimes Kurama/Botan
Every DBZ Movie
Chi Chi: Gohan's education comes before the life and death of the universe.
Goku: Hehehe I'm hungry
Piccolo: I am meditating in the middle of nowhere and I sensed something evil. I won't do shit about it until later, though.
Oolong: I have no idea how I managed to stay in this series over Launch but I'm not complaining. >Insert pig joke<
Krillin: I am doing something stupid as shit but you all love me because I'm not Yamcha
Yamcha: *Sigh*
King Kai or Kame: Goku a bad evil person is about to show up so I'm only telling you and not any of your friends that might actually be able to help you.
Bad Guy: I am ominously showing up and blowing up a city, mountains, or icebergs.
Goku: I need to leave behind my friends and family to fight him. Also I refuse to use my best moves first or form a Spirit Ball prior to engaging the enemy.
Bad Guy: I am X and I came to this world either searching for you, Goku, or the Dragonballs. Strangely enough a lot of us completely disregard the dragonballs later on in the series and it's only use is a deus ex machina for the main series. We should've really renamed this show something different...
Goku: Oh no, my strength alone isn't enough to stop you! HurF!
Gohan: No dad, I will protect you!
Piccolo: I had to save you, Gohan, because the writers want me to reenact my heroic sacrifice over and over again.
Krillin: Oh no I got the shit beaten out of me.
Yamcha: At least you got to fight.
Tien: Yeah.
Oolong: Still here, somehow.
Vegeta: No you can't kill Kakarot, bad guy, because I want to kill Kakarot.
Goku: I am making use of the same move or ability that defeated the last bad guy in the main series to defeat you, which is probably the spirit bomb but maybe fusion or a mega kamehameha wave.
everyone: Yay the earth is saved thanks to Goku and maybe some of the rest of us but we're mostly useless.





well i TRIED. it’s literally just super innocent boob sightings and cute cuddling or whatevs but i still feel so embarassed god

at least i got to practice my nudes that’s cool i guess

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he’s making it hop

this is the only thing I care about
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Some Mind blowing stuff

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mom and dad be like


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Reasons why I like Nappa.


Reasons why I like Nappa.